Top 5 things to check for in a faulty boiler

7th July 2016

A Boiler is an essential component of any home by providing hot water and central heating. However, like all manufactured items boilers can be temperamental if they are not regularly serviced. Many homeowners will have experienced the inconvenience of a broken boiler but this could be avoided by checking for our top five common reasons why boilers might break:

1. Frozen Plumbing

During the colder months of the year ensure the plumbing does not freeze as this will stop the boiler from working and you will need an engineer to fix it which could leave you without hat water and heating when you most need it.

2. Lack Of Use

During the summer the majority of homes will use there boilers less so when winter hits and we suddenly require our boilers to be on a lot more the sudden change in usage can cause faults with your boiler, especially older boilers.

3. Dirty Pipes

Boiler faults don’t always begin with the boiler itself having debris, air or fluid in your pipes can cause your boiler to stop working correctly. The circulation will be hindered if this has happened and your boiler may be affected as a result. You can sometimes resolve this problem by flushing out the central heating system.

4. Leaks In The Boiler

One of the most common things people are told to check for if they believe there is a fault with their plumbing is leakage. Leaks in the boiler are regularly part of the reason why a boiler might breakdown. Home owners are recommended to investigate their boiler and try to identify any evidence of this occurring.

5. Giving Up In Old Age

Boilers, like any product, can just stop working due to old age. Depending on the age of your boiler, repairing it might be an easy job, however, with older boilers you run the risk of manufacturers stoping making the parts required to fix it or that a repair might not even be possible. If you suspect your boiler is getting to the end of it life cycle we will happily come and evaluate it and provide you with a no obligation quote for replacing it with a new more effecient boiler.

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